3 Key Reasons for Installing a Ventilation System in Your Home..

28th, April, 2020

There are many benefits to be gained by installing a ventilation system in your home. Home ventilation refers to the process of moving air around, so that it is changed or replaced in different spaces, improving the quality of indoor air. Almost every home in the UK will have some form of ventilation, even if […]

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Prevent condensation and mould by improving ventilation in the home

25th, April, 2020

Summer is on its way! It’s time to put away the winter woollies and celebrates the days getting longer and sunlight pouring into our homes! Well, that’s the theory but then when it comes to the summer, the weather may have other ideas. Last year was a scorcher but the year before that was miserable, […]

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Whole-house ventilation and it can impact indoor air quality

17th, April, 2018

When most people think of air pollution, they picture smog and traffic fumes, but did you know that indoor air quality can often be worse than outdoor air quality? Given that the majority of us now spend most of our time indoors, improving indoor quality can have a dramatic effect on our health and our […]

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How to tell the difference between condensation and damp!

1st, April, 2018

Easily confused, rising damp and condensation are both things which you might find in your home. However, while one can be relatively easily remedied before too much harm is caused, the other will need more time and investment to banish it from your home. What is condensation? Water vapour in the air can be naturally […]

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Good indoor air quality is important for children!!

11th, March, 2018

Everyone knows about outdoor air pollution and the harmful effects of particulate matter from such things as car exhausts, but the dangers from indoor air pollution can be equally harmful, especially for households with children. “Young children are more vulnerable to poor indoor air quality. Indoor pollutants in the home include Particulate Matter (PM) from […]

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The invisible health hazards that could be looming in your home!

9th, March, 2018

The air quality in our homes is something we frequently take for granted, but it’s something we all need to think about. Studies show that the air indoors can be up to fifty times worse than the air outdoors, and yet we spend 90% of our lives inside, breathing in stale trapped air that could be contaminated […]

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Air pollution and hay fever? Are they connected?

8th, March, 2018

The number of people in the UK suffering from hay fever is expected to double over the next two decades according to experts at the National Pollen Research Unit. This is due to an increase in the level of air pollution in our towns and cities. There are currently around 15 million hay fever sufferers across […]

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Social Landlords: Protect your homes against condensation & mould

7th, March, 2018

If you are a social landlord and want to ensure you are maximising profits and protecting your investment, we can help. As we strive to make our properties more energy efficient by keeping in the heat, we are losing fresh air and ventilation in our homes. Poor ventilation coupled with condensation and moisture can mean […]

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Ventilation strategy – Have you checked yours?

6th, March, 2018

When it comes to ventilation, many landlords have no strategy at all. This is strange because damp is a widespread problem. It not only affects tenants, who have to put up with the musty odour and unsightly black patches, it affects the landlords who will have to repaint, refurbish, or even re-plaster the walls where […]

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What type of damp is in your home?

4th, March, 2018

Different types of damp can affect a property in different ways, and it is important to identify the type of damp you have as soon as possible. There will be different root causes for the different types of damp and various ways of dealing with them. Any type of damp can be harmful. The World Health […]

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