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Remote hard wired boost function.

Lowest Maintenance

By ‘designing out’ the requirement for filtration and by ensuring a smooth uninterrupted passage of contaminated air through the fan scroll, from the dwelling to atmosphere, we are able to issue a sustainable five year, no quibble warranty.

The unique protection afforded to the delicate internal components and electrical connections, together with use of the highest quality bearings are further quality measures which ensure that the EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan will perform to specification well beyond its guarantee period.

Low Long Term Life-cycle Costs

All repair, maintenance and component replacement is carried out simply and quickly by exchanging the plug out/plug in central cartridge.

By focusing on this rapid, internal unit exchange, all other considerations which normally have to be taken into account when a fan is exchanged become irrelevant. There are no redecoration issues or wiring alterations and replacement can be carried out – in seconds – by non-electrically qualified staff.

This ‘when necessary’ cartridge exchange – with re-worked components will ensure that the basic fan installation will remain intact throughout the repair cycle of the dwelling, eliminating the wasteful disposal of plastic and other non biodegradable material to landfill sites.

About This Product

The award-winning Remote Filterless Extract Fan is a major advancement in extract fan technology and has been designed to deliver the lowest possible maintenance, the lowest long term life-cycle costings and lowest performance/energy costs.

The Small Print

*Available in 230V or 12V, Also with remote hard wired boost function*

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