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At Condensation Solutions, we are passionate about providing good indoor air to everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of home ventilation products. Our energy efficient, whole house ventilation systems are designed to deliver homes with fresh, filtered air.

Reducing humidity levels in the home whilst providing households with fresh, filtered air, diminishing damp, condensation and mould problems. We are proud to be the sole EnviroVent partners in Northern Ireland.

We are dedicated to enhancing indoor air quality for our clients by providing the most innovative products to the highest quality at a competitive cost. Being able to provide the best products and services means you can breathe easy.

PIV (Positive Input Ventilation)

Our PIV systems are accredited with BBA certification and also comply with building regulations. The EnviroVent units are sophisticated whole house ventilation and condensation control units..

MEV (Mechanical Extract Ventilation)

The MEV is a low energy, continuously running whole house extract ventilation unit with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture laden air out of the wet rooms of a property.

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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

MVHR systems work by extracting the stale, moist air out of the house or a utility room or cupboard in an apartment. Simultaneously, fresh air is drawn into the unit from outside via a G4 filter.

Extract Fans

We stock the latest and greatest products in condensation solutions including EnviroVents’ award-winning Filterless Extract Fan, ECO dMEV and EnviroVents’ SILENT Range amongst many others.

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Intelligent Whole-House Heat Recovery

The IDEO is an intelligent Whole-House Heat Recovery unit designed with the latest technological innovations to specifically provide optimum user functionality and comfort.

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EnergiSava 250

Ideal for smaller houses and apartments the energiSava 250 is one of the most compact and lightweight on the market, achieving a high thermal efficiency of 91%.

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Whisper Quiet WC & Bathroom Fans

Range of 100mm domestic axial extract fans for wall or ceiling installations, designed to solve ventilation problems in WC’s and bathrooms.

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Modular Whole-House Heat Recovery

Following extensive research and testing, EnviroVent have recognised and overcome the complexities of heat recovery installation to design a unique, modular, 2-in-1 system called the energiSava 380.

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Intelligent Single-Room Heat Recovery

Intelligently engineered so that both extract and supply airflows are 100% balanced. Achieving optimum performance and efficiency in accordance with current EU Single Room Heat Recovery test methodology.

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Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

The extract unit is centrally located in a cupboard or loft, with ducts running from the unit to the kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and other wet zones. Ideal for use in mid-sized houses up to 220m³ and apartments of up to 180m³.

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